Wines from New Zealand


New Zealand wine is produced in several mostly maritime, cool climate winegrowing regions of New Zealand, an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. Like many other New World wines, it is usually produced and labelled as single varietal wines, or if blended the varietal components are listed on the label.

Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir

Ata Rangi Petrie Chardonnay

Ata Rangi Pinot Noir

Dog Point Section 94 Sauvignon Blanc

Durvillea Chardonnay

Durvillea Pinot Noir

Durvillea Sauvignon Blanc

Felton Road Bannockburn Chardonnay

Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir

Felton Road Bannockburn Riesling

Felton Road Block 3 Pinot Noir

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Felton Road Block 5 Pinot Noir

Felton Road Calvert Pinot Noir

Little Beauty Pinot Noir

Little Beauty Sauvignon Blanc

Mahi Pinot Noir

Mahi Sauvignon Blanc

Old Coach Road Pinot Noir

Old Coach Road Sauvignon Blanc

Ostler Caroline Pinot Noir

Paddy Borthwick Chardonnay

Paddy Borthwick Pinot Noir

Paddy Borthwick Sauvignon Blanc

Saint Clair Family Estate Omaka Reserve Pinot

Saint Clair Wairau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc

Seifried Aotea Sauvignon Blanc

Seifried Pinot Gris

Seifried Pinot Noir

Seifried Sauvignon Blanc

Two Paddocks Pinot Noir