Did you know that saying “Cheers!” as we clink our glasses to friends and family have a very interesting back story? This ritual started way back in the Middle Ages when poisoning was the method of choice to get rid of an enemy. To ensure that their glass or their drink is not laced with poison, drinkers would first pour a bit of wine into each other’s glass, so if there was poison in one it is now shared by both.

However, for people in the company of those they trust opt out of tasting and rather clink their glasses instead. Now that’s one wine trivia for you!

Take on a scrutinizing palate as The Standish presents to you another wine tasting event to be held this 17th of December. We are featuring the following wines:

2012 Catena Chardonnay

Post Scriptum De Chryseia Duro Doc

Prazo de Roriz Duoro Doc

Graham’s 2011 Late Bottle Vintage

We hope to see you and let’s enjoy another wine tasting exercise with a few of our good bottles added to our selection.

For your choice of wine to complement your Christmas Dinner and all other special occasion, visit The Standish today.