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If you are one to take on a more adventurous approach on your wine and dine experience, it’s easy to get frustrated over all these rules. But just like any work of art, sometimes, you can color beyond the lines and still end up with a masterpiece. In some cases, bending the rules can give you an experience you’d never expect to be palatably possible. So for those who are tired of all these rules, here are some that can lead to surprising results!

Age is just a number

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Wine improves with age – this has always been what many of us believe. But if you see someone serving you a 5-year-old bottle of vino, it doesn’t mean that this is less than premium. Many of the good brands today are actually best enjoyed young. The reality is that most of the wines today is to be consumed on the first three years. Experts also shared that if you are spending less than $25, you shouldn’t be storing this wine for years but rather enjoy it right away. Wines like the Beaujolais Nouveau is a red wine that has no aging potential which is why it is consumed upon release.

Ice cream and Wine

Yes, this may seem like an unlikely pair but it works nonetheless. However, the secret to a perfect marriage between the two is finding the right flavors, which makes for one rule that is definitely worth breaking!

Conventional thinking might have people thinking that these two just don’t mix, and that is because the butterfat from the cream dulls the palate.  But there are wines like foie gras that has a sweetness and fattier quality to it that compliments ice cream beautifully. It can be tricky, but a good reminder is to consider the sugar, acid and tannins in your wine and work from there. shares these ice cream and wine pairings.

Only red wines should be decanted

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The reason for decanting wines is to allow it to come in contact with oxygen to enhance a wine’s flavor and softening it. Decanting should never be limited only to red wines, as it can be done for all types. It rounds out the wine making it more pleasing to the palate. A simple tip would be to pour the wine from the bottle into your decanter (or whatever is a good replacement you can find) 15-20 minutes before you want to drink or serve it.

It’s okay to hold your wine glass by the bulb

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It has always been said that the right way to hold your wine glass is to hold it by the stem. This is to prevent the warmth of your hands from affecting the taste of the wine. However, this is no longer a cut and dry instruction as some wine glasses today are made stemless. Holding it by the bowl doesn’t diminish the taste and quality of the wine.

Rose is a summer drink

The rules have it that rose wines is a summer beverage best sipped with some outdoor cooking, but this only makes you miss out on a good potential food and wine pairing all year round.

Rose, especially the full bodied ones, can actually be paired with hot dishes. For instance, for all those array of dishes on a Thanksgiving or Christmas party that bursts an array of tastes and textures on your palate makes for a good partner for a dry Rose. Since Rose are best served cold, it complements the warm dishes served during rainy seasons! So in days when a hot chocolate may not cut the level of comfort you are looking for, try a glass of rose to hit the spot!

Champagne for celebrations and starters

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The good thing about this wine is it often exudes fun and celebration as it is the drink of choice for toasts. On the other hand, this somehow limits a bottle of Champagne only to celebrations or as starters. In this case, bending the rules by pairing it with main courses gives you a pleasant surprise for your palate. The crisp acidity of Champagne can actually cut through the fat delivered by steaks.

Red wines on room temperatures

A lot of wine enthusiasts would tell you that red wine is best drank in room temperature. But this isn’t always the case. You can still enjoy the flavors and appreciate the complexity of a wine by serving it cold. Putting in some ice cubes may not be the wisest choice, however, putting it inside the fridge an hour before serving can certainly give you a cool and refreshing drink.

So here’s the secret – don’t go overboard. Just the right chill is enough especially for the more expensive or more nuanced wines. You don’t want to cool down a $60 red wine to avoid missing out on the subtleties of flavor that you paid for. Meanwhile, light-bodied wines can take a few degrees less in the fridge, just until the bottle starts to feel cold.

The wines that are best enjoyed chilled include, Lambrusco, Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Barbera d’Asti.

Never be afraid to go out of the box. There is so much that wine can offer you when you don’t allow rules to limit your experience. Step out of your comfort zone and explore your wine options!

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