If you love a good hard drink, the Russians definitely made a homerun with vodka. Not every drink made it to the worldwide scene, and if you’ve tasted the drink you’d understand why it is an unforgettable beverage.  However, you would love it even better when you understand what it is. Just like getting to know someone, they grow on you better when you know their story.

Why is Vodka a good choice?

  1. It is versatile

Vodka is like your favorite Hollywood actress than can take on any persona that a certain role demands. Can you imagine the different Vodka cocktail recipes available today? The list goes on and it can overwhelm you! From jello shots to the more intricate mix of flavours, you name it.

What makes Vodka stellar is the fact that it melds well with what you combine it with, to a point where you can even make the cheap and crappy ones taste like a top shelf brand!

  1. Charcoal filtration

Back in the day, what was used in Russia to remove the impurities and improve the taste of Vodka after distillation are air bladders of fish. Fortunately, a professor from St. Petersburg discovered in the 18th century that charcoal can be used to purify alcohol in the filtration process. This is still widely used today. You can even do it yourself if you want to create great-tasting vodka out of the cheap stuff.

  1. Variety of flavours

We’ve mentioned how vodka shines when used for cocktails, even clear vodka has been praised for its unique taste. However, if you look at shelves today you can now see a plethora of flavours available. Some of the widely popular flavours include ginger, cinnamon, red pepper, vanilla and a variety of fruity options. People have acquire a taste for the unique characteristics and even the subtle nuances of these flavoured vodka. Back in the day adding fruity flavours is a way to mask the imperfections of crude distillation practices, but times have changed because in the industry today creating flavoured vodka is a way to showcase a distiller’s skills.

  1. Not all vodkas are the same

Vodka may be a neutral spirit with a flavour that can be bent and stretched when used in cocktails, but it doesn’t mean that its taste is generic. When you evaluate it straight up, or even with just with a little water, you can experience the different attributes infused. This is created by the different raw materials used, the distillation process, and even the quality of the bottling.

  1. First-aid

An interesting bit about vodka is it is able to soothe a jellyfish sting. Aside from alleviating the pain, it also disinfects the wound. Having gone through the distillation process that it usually does which makes for great quality and high alcohol content, it can sure keep that wound A-ok .

Vodka is also said to help numb a toothache. If you don’t mind the taste, you can swish it around your mouth to numb the pain. You may also soak a cotton ball in vodka and place it on the aching tooth and hold it in your mouth.

Mixing half a cup of vodka with two cups of water and placing them in a Ziplock back into the freezer gives you an easily bendable ice pack. Vodka keeps the water from completely freezing, so you can now have the perfect cold compress for bony areas like your knees, elbows or shoulders.

  1. Deodorizes

Aside from being a remarkable drink, vodka is also an amazing deodorizer. You can use it to remove odor from your feet, clothes and a freshener for your room. A combination of vodka and water in a spray bottle can already remove the smell from your shoes and clothes. A high proof vodka with essential oils and water can also become an ingenious DIY room freshener. And no, you won’t smell like liquor!

  1. Beauty purposes

Vodka can also be used as an astringent for your face. Just dip a clean cotton ball with vodka and wipe your face with it. This kills the bacteria, and it can also tighten your pores. You just have to make sure that you moisturize afterwards to avoid drying out your skin.

Another interesting beauty secret that involves vodka is to add a shot of it to your shampoo. It helps remove the hard water minerals from your hair to make it more softer, lighter and cleaner. Do remember to just use this every once in a while because this can strip your hair from its natural oils if you do it too often.

Vodka can also be used to disinfect razors to keep it sharp and rust-free. You just have to soak it in a cup of vodka and rinse before using.

  1. Keep flowers fresh

Did you know that you can also use  vodka by adding a teaspoon of sugar to a few drops to make your flowers last longer? This combination helps maintain the freshness for a couple more days.

  1. Great for other household cleaning hacks

Sometimes, genius cleaning tools come from the most unexpected items – and vodka is one of those reliable secrets. Vodka can be used to clean the lenses of your eyeglasses without leaving those annoying streaks. You just have to pour a little on a microfiber cloth and rub it on your lenses. For more heavy duty tasks, vodka is also able to remove rusts from screws. It can also be an invaluable addition to your cleaning arsenal for your kitchen surfaces. Two parts water and one part vodka can be used to soak countertops to remove tough stains.

You can also save money on having your jewelry cleaned because vodka can serve as a reliable cleaning agent. A vodka and some clean cloth can improve tarnished jewelry and even leave gemstones sparkling better.

  1. Vodka need not be expensive to be good

It doesn’t always follow that if a bottle is expensive, it is already better than other brands. Did you know that there are many hidden gems within the mid-range brands that offer impeccable taste? Sometimes, the packaging and the name can shoot up the price of a bottle many times over. So learn to explore- and it may be a trial and error process- since not all that glitters is gold.

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