What better occasion to pop a good bottle of wine than Valentine’s day, right? A lot of you who are planning something for your significant other may be scrambling for ideas. Part of what makes this day special is the celebration of your love, and it is best celebrated with wine. So allow us to help you in that department. These tips will not only help you nail V-day, but all your other date nights for the entire year!

Keeping it casual

If you like to kick off your shoes and just keep the celebration at home, you can still make it memorable nonetheless. Here are some creative ideas you can follow.

Wine and Cheese

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A celebration of your love need not be expensive, it just has to be fun and memorable. Throwing a wine and cheese party is a perfect way to keep both of you entertained and satiated. All you need to do is head to your supermarket and get small blocks of gruyere, brie or cheddar cheese.  Then you throw in a good wine such as Moscato, Champagne, Cava, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Lambrusco. You may also refer to this cheat sheet for easy wine and cheese pairing. You can also amp up the situation by spreading a blanket out on the park and make it a romantic picnic under the stars.

Wine and Dinner at Home

Instead of a fancy dinner at the restaurant, prepare a special meal for your loved one at home. Here are some special reminders in planning a meal, and choosing the wine that suit it best.

– If you are planning on something salty, most dry sparkling wines like Champagne and Spanish cava are perfect. These wines offer a hint of sweetness which makes it a refreshing partner for salty dishes.

– Going for something light and healthy with salads? Remember that crisp and raw veggies demand a wine that has texture. Acidic dressings dial down the tartness in wines, so you have to pair it with something that has more character. A general rule is that rosés, pinot noir, and tart wines are perfect with green salads. But when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a sparkling wine, because just like salads these are light and equally refreshing.

– If you prefer dishes with tart dressings and sauces, these are best paired with wines like Sauvignon Blanc.

– Light seafood dishes shine with more flavour when paired with delicate white wines like Pinot Grigio or Chablis from France. Meanwhile, dishes with fatty fish or seafood in rich sauce would do well with silky white wines like Chardonnays from California, Chile or Australia.

– Rosé wines are also perfect for main courses and not just appetizers. It also pairs well with rich cheesy dishes.

– Enjoy your dessert with moderately sweet sparkling wines like Champagne. You may also take your cue from Italian food expert, Francine Segan, who believes that desserts are best served with wines instead of coffee or tea. She shares that the intensity, acidity and sweetness of your dessert are three factors to consider in choosing a wine to pair it with, and this applicable even for our favourite dim sum desserts like egg tart.

Wine and chocolates

Nothing speaks romance more than these two together. You and your love can enjoy this pair, or you can send these as a gift particularly for those who can’t spend the day together. To make it extra special, dial up the thoughtfulness and make sure that you pair the right wine and chocolate together using these tips.

Fancy Dinners

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For a fancy dinner on Valentine’s day, it pays to know the right wines to cater to the special occasion. The tips we’ve mentioned above is also applicable when ordering wine, or you may refer to these smart advice from celebrity restaurateur, Joe Bastianich.

It is wise to choose wines depending on the level of your relationship.  Whether if it is  a Tinder hookup or an anniversary, take note of these tips.

Recently Dating?

You might not want to go over the top here because you would want to save the big guns for the future. However, this doesn’t mean that you would go for plonk wines, instead, opt for something that would get the conversation going. Spanish wines or brands from Austria give the right complexity and body that compliments your light-hearted moments. You might even get a kick out of trying to pronounce the names.

Dating, But Not Too Serious?

So it is established that you enjoy each other’s company. These type of dates deserve something nice and classy. You might want to ask the waiter, or the sommelier, for a quality Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. These wines are flexible across the range when it comes to taste. The price tag may also be a bit steep, but it also tells the other person that they are special.

Hot Date

So you scored a hot date for Valentine’s day. You can go for something suggestive, but not tacky. A good bottle of Zinfandel spells racy and fun. Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc are also very good choices, and it is best paired with oysters or chocolate-covered strawberries!

Special Date

Going steady? Or even planning to propose this Valentine’s Day? A bottle of Champagne is definitely a no-miss, and such occasions call for something fancy, don’t you think? Champagnes spell romance right down to the last fizz and bubble.

Married Couple Date

It’s always to important to always date each other even when you are married for years, and Valentine’s Day is another day, aside from your anniversary, to be reminded of that romance you both share. What you need is something nice, but not cheap, and neither should it be overly expensive. Some couples might want to dial down the alcohol if you need to get up early in the morning for the kids. But for those who have the sitter ready until the following day, something rare and exotic shouldn’t hurt. A bottle of Brut Reserve Champagne will definitely make for an interesting night!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for couples to celebrate each other with the best wines! However, it is not only for couples. Yes, singles don’t have to be bitter if you’re left without a date! Treat yourself to good food and exquisite wine!

If you have more wine questions for V-day that we might not have covered or if you are looking for the wines to celebrate this occasion with, come visit The Standish today or send us a message here.