Have you ever tried taking a long good sip of Japanese whisky? This is actually a drink with hidden genius and surprise that has been constantly overshadowed by Scottish brands. With the industry starting to give these Japanese brands their time in the limelight, many are starting to appreciate the beauty and home-grown process that goes into it. Here is a story of a bold Japanese distillery that decided to beat the odds in a market that was dominated by the sake. Aside from delighting the local palate, it also introduced its flavours to the world which also earned its warm reception. As Japanese whisky continues to be a brand that rakes in praises, many flavours continue to penetrate the competitive market. What better way to test this than to slowly try each. These brands of whisky is definitely keeping its Scottish counterparts on their toes. Try to treat your tongues on each one before prices continue  to rise with its increasing popularity. Read more about it here.