This would definitely come as a good news for a lot wine drinkers because a new study has further supported that a bottle of red actually burns fats. Yes, you’ve read that right! In what seems like a gift sent by the wine gods, this now gives you another good excuse for pouring another glass.

Previous Red Wine studies

Drinking for its health benefits is one of the great reasons why people love to revel every sip of red wine. It is known to be a healthy heart drink because of its rich antioxidant content, which helps prevent heart disease. Previous studies have even shown that wine increases HDL (high density lipoproteins) levels that protect the heart from artery damage. Not only that, flavonoids in red wine called resveratrol has been highly associated in preventing blood clots from forming within the arteries. These benefits help prevent cardiovascular accidents from happening, which is among the top causes of deaths.

Experts, however, are saying that to be able to enjoy these health benefits, wine consumption must be taken in moderation. The same is true when drinking red wine for its fat benefits, which can certainly entice a lot of people to drink their daily glass fix in preventing unhealthy fats from piling up.

Red wine and fat breakdown

Recently, a research from the Oregon State University (OSU) showed that a certain extract found in grapes is able to reduce weight gain in mice who were fed with a high-fat diet. The researchers found that this could also work on humans too.

During the study, the researchers exposed human fat and liver cells to four different extracts found in Muscadine grapes. One of the most potent among the chemicals found is ellagic acid, which was eventually discovered to slow down the growth of existing fat cells, as well as the formation of new ones. Furthermore, it also helped boost the metabolism of the fatty acids found in liver cells. This new finding also supports that red wine can even improve the liver function in obese individuals.

In this study, the team placed a group of mice on a high-fat diet, which consisted of 60% fat. On the other hand, a controlled group was fed with a normal diet, which contained 10% of fat. In addition to that, the mice were also supplemented with grapes, which is roughly the equivalent of one and a half cups of grapes a day for humans.

Within the course of the ten weeks, the mice who were subjected to a high fat diet showed the same signs as humans suffering from diabetic symptoms and fatty liver. Meanwhile, the study group that was supplemented with grape extracts showed lesser fat accumulation in their liver and lower blood sugar levels.

The researchers found that the activity levels of two proteins, which are responsible for metabolizing fat and sugar in cells appeared to be greater in mice who were taking the grape extract. This is basically the same action provided by some diabetes medications.

Lead author, Neil Shay, who is a biochemist and a molecular biologist at OSU also made it clear that drinking red wine should not be considered as a miracle weight loss solution. It is also important to note that wine is not the only source for this chemical. Basically just eating a cup and a half of grapes, or even grape juice, was already found to provide necessary amounts to receive these health benefits. This is why Shay also shared that if only there is a way to integrate the daily consumption of grapes into the healthy diet pattern of individuals that would be all the more better.

Word of caution

As much as we love to enjoy our bottle of red, and with every bit of excuse available also supported by science, it is important to remember to be responsible. There is no question as to how red wine is good for the senses and our health, but we also need to acknowledge that everything should done be in moderation.

More reason to love wine

Indeed, wine has been touted to provide a bevy of health benefits. From acting as a sleep aid, a rich source of antioxidants, immune booster and for its anti-inflammatory action, red wine is definitely a drink worthy of your daily attention.

Although this new study gives us more reason to love wine, it is also important to remember what Shay said – that red wine is no panacea. But it sure does help in a number of health concerns, and this recent discovery will certainly have more people interested, as weight loss is a common struggle.

A glass or two of red wine a day is good for the health, but there is nothing wrong in pouring another one to toast a celebration.

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