Stay Young With The Health Benefits of Red Wine

Red wine is pretty much a staple in every kitchen. Not only does it serve to be a product of the fine art of wine making, but it also serves several benefits.

Apart from being an exquisite drink, red wine hosts a number of reasons which will encourage you to love it more. Here are the ten reasons why:

1. Lowers cholesterol

I know of friends, who are not really drinkers, but devote themselves to a glass of wine everyday. The reason for this devotion lies on the therapeutic action of red wine. It is said to increase your HDL or good cholesterol levels. This means that a cup of wine will also do the heart good, thanks to a certain component called resveratrol.

However, it is not advised that you drink wine more frequently due to its potential benefits. Everything has to be done in moderation. Pure alcohol is also very high in calories, in fact it is also as high as fat. Therefore, it is important to remember that when you are drinking wine, you should also keep in mind that the drink also has calories. The recommended amount would be a maximum of 2 glasses a day for men and a glass per day for the ladies.

2. More than just a drink

The beauty of wine is in the process of taking in the flavours. It’s not like drinking soda that you simply chug down for its entirety, but rather it is something that has to be savoured. And if you do take the time to unravel the flavours by having it fully caress your palate, you get to enjoy the richness of what that wine really is. It is not just the flavours you are appreciating with wine, but also the revelation of the genius behind the process.

3. Compliments your food

Wine can also be paired with food or used in cooking. With the different varieties available, there are corresponding wines that perfectly suit certain dishes. Food and wine pairings delight the palate just as wine added to a dish adds more character to the flavours. You can really go far with the rich and beautiful flavours of wine.

4. Control your blood sugar levels

Diabetes is one of the most widely suffered health conditions, what with all the high sugar diets that people are keeping with very little effort to control it. But red wine can help you with that in some way, thanks to its resveratrol content.

Research shows that this compound helps regulate blood sugars because it is found to stimulate insulin secretion. But you do have to remember that you only gain these benefits when you take in moderate amounts of alcohol.

5. Boosts brain power

According to research from Rutgers University, red wine helps in boosting brain power in women who enjoy moderate amounts. Research done on 12,000 women between the ages 70-81 showed that moderate drinkers scored better on mental function tests.

Moderate drinkers, or those who drank a glass a day, showed a reduced risk of mental decline compared to those who are non-drinkers. This study was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Another research also showed that red wine helps prevent the formation of beta amyloid proteins which is the main cause of plaque formation in the brain leading to mental decline.

6. Wines also contain antioxidants

Antioxidants provide the body with a lot of benefits. It boosts the immune system, improves the condition of the skin and a host of many other healthy advantages. It is the grape skin that contains all these antioxidants. The process of aging it in oak also adds antioxidant properties, while at the same time giving red wine that full-bodied flavour.

Again, the benefits can also be countered by its harmful side effects, therefore, always remember to take everything in moderation.

7. Fights off colds

It is the antioxidants in red wine that help you to be less likely to develop colds. They help fight infection and protect your cells against the damaging effects of free radicals. In addition to the common cold, this action also plays a role in the prevention of cancer and other diseases.

8. Slimming Effect

There is a lot of buzz about resveratrol being an effective slimming agent. In fact, this is even found in numerous weight loss supplements to aid in preventing weight gain, as well as suppressing the appetite. But there is also another compound that is assisting in this goal, and that is piceatannol. It prevents the growth of fat cells because it binds to their insulin receptors eventually stopping their growth and maturation.

9. It is a “healthier” alcoholic drink

Now I don’t suggest that you all be drinking hordes of wines, but all have to be taken into moderation. In the right amounts, wine is said to lower mortality rate by 34% than beer or spirit drinkers.

10. Cancer prevention

Drinking red wine in moderation can also prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. It is known to lower the risk of breast cancer in women, and a compound called guercetin is also discovered to help prevent lung cancer.

So the next time you open up a bottle, I suggest that you take no inhibitions in enjoying the flavours, but do take caution in how much you take in. Red wine has a lot to offer in terms of health benefits, but you also have to do your part in drinking it in moderation.

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