medici-ermete-i-quercioli-lambrusco-sweet-docMedici Ermete Lambrusco Quercioli Sweet Doc NV

Alc% 8.5 – Italy – Reggio Emilia

Medici Ermete is an Italian brand that boasts of several varieties under its name. The varietals produced by the brand include Ugni Blanc, Sauvignon, Malvasia, Vermentino and Lambrusco. Medici is known to produce top quality wines and is popular in Italy to create the best Lambruscos. Today, they own a sprawling 60 hectares of the finest wine-growing areas in Emilia Romagna.


This is actually a type of grape that indigenous to Emilia Romagna, Italy. They are spread out on the hillsides like wild flowers growing about carelessly. The wine that is made from this varietal ranges from dry to sweet, and it has been enjoyed by Italians for centuries.

This grape is able to produce a light to medium-bodied red. Some have frizzante (lightly sparkling) to fuller bubbles. The taste is also within the range of dry to sweet raspberry, cherry, blackberry, and currant. Adding to that, it also gives off peppery notes with hints of cedar, vinegar and bell peppers. They come out light to dark red in color. The types of wine produced include dry, sweet, sparkling rose, and sparkling red.

A Lambrusco wine is often created through the charmat method, which means that secondary fermentation is done inside pressurized tanks as opposed to the champenoise method where it is done in bottles. Some are blended with Ancellota, a secondary grape that is used to make a Lambrusco sweeter or amabile. It also intensifies the color and body.

Backn in the 70’s, most of the Lambruscos that were imported were young, overly sweet and cheap. The overall quality was not quite impressive giving Lambruscos a rather questionable reputation for decades. But recent wine making techniques are now geared at creating exceptional wines using highly meticulous methods. They now maintain top quality wines with their sound experience in the vineyards and wineries.

Origin & Producer

From the premiere producers of Lambruscos, comes another bottle from their exquisite range. The Medici Ermete Lambrusco Quercoli Sweet Doc NV didn’t fall short in displaying true Medici quality of wine making. It is classified as a sparkling sweet red which results from natural fermentation method.

This particular wine gives a fruity buoquet with a hint of violet scent. The scent is redolent of dark and rich flavoured fruits  which is also reflected on its intense ruby red color.

It gives the right red fruit flavours with fresh floral notes. The label on the bottle says Dolce, which is Italian for sweet. However, the sweetness is not overpowering or cloying. But rather it gives a perfect balance of taste that is overall refreshing to the tastebuds due to its zesty acidity with just a hint of tannins.. It only creates tiny bubbles on the glass but it certainly gives that fizz in the mouth. With minimal alcohol and moderate sweetness this wine makes a good aperitif as it is fun and easy to drink with flavours that are pleasantly harmonious.

This wine is best served chilled at around 8-10OC. It makes a perfect company to fruits, dessert or pizza. It is also best consumerd while young, within 1-2 years.

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