Although wine is known to be better as it age, storage still plays an important role in ensuring this.

Even though with wines that are meant to be drunk young, you need to know how to store it, so you can still stretch that good bottle for several more days. Ninety five percent of the wines produced today are supposed to be enjoyed while young, so if you are into those that benefit from long-term aging, then you also have to invest in professional-grade storage.

Here are important tips for you to consider in storing wine so that it retains its goodness when you’re ready to drink it.


Whether you are storing a collection of reds or whites, the ideal storage temperature for wines is 55oF. You have to ensure that you maintain consistent temperatures because any dramatic fluctutations can create a negative impact to your wine. For example, excessive heat can really destroy the taste of a good wine by giving it flat flavours and aromas. Heat and wine is definitely a no-no.

Humidity is also another factor that you have to consider in wine storage. High humidity prevents the cork from shrinking, which can result in oxygen getting into the bottle. This can cause the wine to be oxidized, clearly affecting its flavour. The ideal humidity for wine is between 65-75%. Some people place a pan of water in their storage areas to improve cconditions However, you do have to control this because too much humidity on one end can also result in molds. It may not affect your wine per se, but it can damage the labels. You might want to use a dehumidifier to help control the conditions.

Keep it in the Dark

Did you know that most colored glass bottles of wine actually have UV filters incorporated into the glass bottle. However, this does not necessarily provide full UV protection. Direct exposure to light can affect the flavour of the wine as it causes premature aging. As with household lighting, incandescent light bulbs are considered to be safer than fluorescent bulbs because this emit only small amounts of UV light. White wines are more sensitive to light degradation, but reds are also exposed to the same when exposed to excessive light.

Store it sideways

There is a reason why wines are stored sideways. It’s not only to maximize space, but also to maintain flavour. This position keeps the wine and cork in constant contact keeping the cork moist. This keeps it from shrinking, preventing oxygen from entering the bottle. When oxygen do come in contact with wine, this can causes it to oxidize spoiling its taste and aromas.

Avoid too much movement

It is important that you store wine in a stable area, and yes, that would mean no refrigerator doors. Although, it is funny how most of us make the mistake of doing this. Constant vibrations can damage the wine as it prevents the sediment from settling, particularly in reds.  Collectors are very particular even with the slightest vibrations, as this can render the wine to be rather gritty.

Avoid strong odors

It is also important to store wine from strong odors. There is a possibility that it can contaminate the flavour of the wine as outside air still has that tendency to seep into the bottle through the cork. Some tropical fruits that have very strong odors tend to do have this effect on water that is stored together with it in a refrigerator. It can do the same for wine. Also be sure to keep paint, cleaning solvents and other chemicals at a good distance. So to maintain that rich and luscious taste, avoid placing strong smelling foods or substances near your storage area.

Wine storage units

Not all of us have the luxury to own a house with underground cellars, wine caves or on-site rock walls, but the good news is that you can make some alterations. You just have to ensure that you choose an area that is cool and dark. You could go for the basements, as this pretty much creates a similar environment. But if you prefer not to store it way down below your house, you can also store your wines in the closet. You can even cash in a few bucks for a wine refrigerator or wine storage cabinets, which are fitted to created the necessary conditions to store wine and maintain its goodness.

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