Too often we mindlessly drink these beverages without any thought in savouring the experience. It is the after effect that we usually go after. But I must tell you that you are actually losing half of the beauty in consuming these drinks. There is so much to experience, and here’s how you can dial up the fun!


Smell your Beer

Before you chug down that beer, do you ever take the time and get a whiff out of that brew? Experts say that 85% of what we would refer to as flavour is actually aroma. This also explains why we enjoy our food less when we have a cold because most of what we perceive as ‘taste’ was not able to freely float in your nose. What we don’t know is that our nose is a very powerful organ that can process hundreds of chemical compounds in beer, such as the malt, hops, or added spices. Our tongues, however, are only limited to five (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and what they now add as umami).

When sniffing your brew it is best that it should have a warmer temperature. The colder your beer is the less carbonation that is released. In effects, it gives off less aroma.

Beer tasting experts share that to be able to take a good whiff out the interesting aromas, you first have to swirl your beer to release the aromatic properties. You then stick your nose down the glass and take several short sniffs.

Find the right temperature

You may like your beer in subzero, but did you know that drinking it in the right temperature also has its rewards? Yes, it may boil down to preference, but you might want to try something new to get the interesting range of experience that beer has for your palate.

What you should do is to set a starting temperature, probably around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then you let it warm as you go along. Assess which tastes suits your liking by paying close attention to its flavour at each interval. Take note of the temperature, especially when you have found the right taste. If you really want to enjoy your beer, this helps you see how its character changes with different temperature levels. Beer enthusiasts would even spend on a separate beer refrigerator so that they could properly store their brews in the best settings.

Widen your options

Don’t get your palate married to your favourite beer. It pays to try different kinds of beers if you really want to experience the variety of tastes there are. Like craft beers for instance, these have more ingredients and flavours and they are prepared in different ways and for longer periods of time. Go out of the common perception of beer being simply bitter. When you try out ales, you will notice that they actually taste nice. You can go from dark ales to pale one and see the range of difference both in flavours and smell.


Choose a good year

In choosing wine, a certain bottle’s birthday is a good way to prepare for a good tasting experience. Sometimes a year may bring very bad weather to a vineyard, or it could bless the sprawling expanse with beautiful sunshine all year long. These conditions affect the quality of wine that a brand, or a certain region produces. The year not only suggests how aged the wine is, but also the conditions in which the grapes have grown in.

Get the right temperature

When you drink wine at certain temperatures, you are able to experience how the flavours shine and caress the palate. Reds are best enjoyed in room temperature, while white wines are best served cold.

Pair it with the right food

Another way to best enjoy wine, either on your own or when entertaining, is to pair it with the right dish. As they say, white meat and pasta dishes are best suited with white wines, while red meats are better with red wine. Food and wine pairing should be done in a way that both compliment each other. When you strike the perfect balance you enhance the taste of both the wine and food giving you a fully satisfying meal.

Finish your bottle or store it well

It would always be best that you finish a bottle of wine on the same day that it is opened. Although this may not always be the case, it would be ideal because this is when you are able to get the best taste out of your wine. If ever you have leftover wines, you must learn how to store it well if you want it to still taste good for the next time that you need a good sip. Wine chillers would have been best, but I understand that not everyone would go to such extent of actually owning one.

Properly storing an opened bottle would be to simply put it on a cool corner in your house. A good wine stopper is also important because it draws out the excess oxygen and prevent air from entering the bottle. You can store it in the “warmest” compartment of your fridge together with the stopper. If an occasion calls for it, you can just chill your wine to the desired temperature before serving.


Drink it with food

This may not be your usual fare when it comes to enjoying vodka, but if you want to enjoy this drink without passing out too soon, drink it with food. Russians are often believed to have extraordinary tolerance to alcohol because they could just down several shots of vodka without even batting an eyelash. Some attribute this to biology, but the Russians would tell you that this isn’t necessarily so.

To enjoy vodka and still be able to get a decent conversation, it is advised that you do it with some fatty foods. In Russia, you can drink it with potatoes, sausage, oily fish or cheeses, or you eat these prior to a party so that your system has the ability to neutralize the alcohol. Having some food to pair it with allows you to enjoy the entire night drinking and still leave sober. Yes, that’s the Russian secret.

Savour it the right way

Vodka, or a shot of vodka that is, must be drunk in one go. It should not be sipped but taken entirely and then you exhale through your nose instead of your mouth.

These drinks are best savoured and enjoyed. If you think that the simple act of drinking and getting intoxicated is fun, there is a whole new experience offered by the smell, taste and aroma. Take it all in and enjoy, you’d be surprised at the range of flavours that you are in for!

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