Did you know that Singapore is one of the largest drinkers of Scotch whisky? It actually topped the list as it surpassed big importers and known whisky drinking countries, such as the US and France.

According to data from the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), Singapore consumes almost 13 bottles per capita each year, which is actually twice as much as Latvia which came in second place with 6.91. This was followed by Panama (3.73), France (2.52) and the United Arab Emirates (2.34).

Aside from their huge consumption, the Singaporean market for whisky exports have also increased, which is why it is also considered the distribution hub for Asia. Another proof for this demand is that Scotch Whisky sells three times as much as its rival whisky.

Whisky vs Scotch Whisky

So what really is the difference between these two? The terms are actually used to separate whisky that is made in Scotland from all others that are not. To be clear, all scotch are whisky, while not all whisky are scotch. It should also be noted that Whisky is only used to refer to those products that are not scotch. The grains used and the maturation process also vary. Meanwhile, price range differ in that Scotch is more expensive than whisky.

In an attempt to filter the market from a growing number of imitators, the British government said that whisky can be legally called Scotch only if it was made in Scotland and if it was aged in oak casts for three years. To show how serious the government is in ensuring the quality, they plan to create a public registry for Scotch producers. To those who agree to have their product checked by UK authorities will be able to market their spirits with a special label.

It is really not just the name that sets these type of whiskies apart, but also the general makeup which significantly affects their taste. And it is that particular brand of taste that can only be provided by scotch that won the hearts and taste of avid whisky drinkers in Singapore and in Asia.

How people enjoy their bottle of scotch?

If popstar Ke$ha brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniel, others would like to enjoy their whisky in their own unique way. In the UK, they enjoy their glass of whisky with a little water. The Spanish enjoys it with cola, while the Japanese drinks it with plenty of ice and water, but the Chinese beats the uniqueness meter by drinking it with cold green tea.

What draws people to love whisky?

Whisky is known for its strength in flavour. Like wine, it also gives the palate a treat of flavours and alcohol, which reveals a meticulous practice of choosing specific ingredients and maturation process. Traditionally, Scotch was made only from malted barley, which is dried over fires that have been stoked with some dry peat. A peat is a form of grass and heather compost that has been compacted. The smoke from the peat adds that smoky and tangy taste to the whisky.

Today, there are other grains that are used to create Scotch. Distilliries are now using wheat, barley, rye whole grains and corn. Also, not all malted barley is dried by the process of peat fire. The maturation process also adds character to the whisky, as some are made to mature in oak casks that have been used previously to store other spirits or wine. Meanwhile, other products are stored in charred white oak.

All these create the beautiful taste of whisky and there are several tastes available today for you to discover and enjoy. To those of you who love whisky, you would understand why it is not so hard to drop some cash on your Glenfiddich 12-year-olds, Glenlivets, Lagavulins and Taliskers.

For those who are more into the unusual whiskies, the choices range from the Pulteney, BenRiach, Mortiach, and Auchentoshan. You can even find more exotic flavours with whiskies that are stored in barrels that once held rums, Italian red wines, port and madeira.

How whisky won Singapore over?

Even though the country is dubbed to be the top consumer of whisky, Singapore is placed on the third spot next to America and France based on the total market. This can also be seen in the number of whisky tastings that are held on the country. Many people are also warming up to this particular drink since whisky is no longer just a gentleman’s drink with an increasing number of ladies opting out of their martinis or mojitos and going for the bolder flavours of whisky.

If you are interested to surprise your tastebuds, there are actually several whisky bars, wine stores and whisky tasting events around the country, which feature a wide selection of good brands. A lot of people are also finding the places that serve whiskies in Singapore to provide extensive knowledge and expertise on the right way to even serve them. They separate these by country, year and historic distillery.

Another way how the people in the country has increased their love for the drink is with wine appreciation courses that will help you get a good start on developing your taste for this tipple.

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