So you love a good bottle of cerveza – the strong malt, grit, and brew that satisfies a good swig. Either standing beautifully on its own or complementarily with food, a bottle can certainly be the stuff of comfort. However, beer aficionados might want to look beyond what’s familiar and entertain other tasting options, like wine for instance.

Just like beer, wine also comes with layers of flavours. It’s not just a drink to quench one’s thirst, but rather, an experience of culture and craftsmanship. So, don’t pigeonhole yourself into that beer drinking category if you can find several treasures in wine. Your preference in brew can also be translated into wine. Get into this laundry list of options.

Light Beer

If you prefer the timid, then you’re one to gravitate towards light (lager) and pilsner beers. Deemed as the easiest ones to drink, this brew has some similarity to a Brut Cava. Spanish for champagne, cavas also leave you with that zest in your mouth and the right spritz to reinvigorate a long day. These wines are also cheap enough to drink on the regular.
A bottle of Pinot Grigio also shares the same refreshing feel and taste which makes for good summertime sippers that also pairs well with a range of dishes.

Pale Ales

A tad richer than light beers, pale ales are regarded as the quintessential American beer. With its equally balanced malt-to-hop ratio, it’s distinctive malty notes lean towards velvety merlots. It gives good balance for dryness and fruitiness that are mellow and inviting to the palate.
Pinot Noir also gives a beautiful balance of tannic flavours with some good body. Ale drinkers can also choose among other light reds which gives a similar experience, especially when served chilled.

Wheat Beers

A must-have for your summer bucket list, wheat beers are smooth and creamy with a hint of refreshing richness. If this is your brew of choice, then you’d love the similarities woven into a bottle of Chardonnay with its refreshing notes of lemon and apple with a hint of vanilla provided by its aging oak. A full-bodied Champage can also be an excellent bubbly alternative.

IPA Beers

India pale ale or IP is a beer style defined by its distinct hoppy flavor with a whole lot going for it. Drinking this kind of beer calls for an acquired taste because this brew is a testament to how complex beer can be. It renders sweet and fruity notes with some bitterness at the same time. Imperial IPAs for instance has higher alcohol levels with more body and complexity. A perfect wine counterpart is Carmenere, a Chilean red wine that gives an incredible balance between fruity, savory and bitter. It also leaves herbal notes that would appeal to those who enjoy hops.


Still standing strong in this craft-beer era, this dark, creamy, and silky liquid still gathers an impressive discipleship of drinkers. That comforting richness can find a beautiful comparison in Cabernet Sauvignon due to its heavy oak influence. These two gives the very best impressions of wine and beer that it’s like meeting the rulers of both kingdoms.


Defined by its dark and earthy flavours and medium body, Porters are light enough to drink but it also leaves with a bang. Yes, a porter aficionado knows how that extra punch gives it character. It is the culminations to three different styles, the old ale, a new ale and mild ale. It caresses the tastebuds with notes of coffee, toffee and chocolate which what a bottle of Syrah can also be reminiscent of. Bodeaux wines and Tuscan Chianti also gives beautiful portions of earthiness in its profile, although it has less alcohol. These wines also pair beautifully with the same dishes that you would enjoy with a bottle of Porter. In fact, the balanced alcohol content in Bordeaux and Chianti makes it more drinkable and enjoyable.


With a “funkier” twist to it, this Belgian brew is a result of a unique style that offers distinct fruity flavours which flourishes from the fermentation process of fruits like apricots, muscat grapes and raspberries. The tart and sweet fruit flavours balances its sourness to define its complexity. A semi-sweet Reisling, with its ripe fruity notes derived from one of the most aromatic grape varieties in the world, serves as the perfect counterpart. It pretty much has the same fruit flavours and aromas, although this white also gives a hint of petrol. Moscato’s bubbly, also offers peachy notes which also makes it a considerable counterpart.

Sour Beers

These types of beers satisfy a beer drinker’s penchant for robust drinking. Wild yeasts and live bacteria creates this distinctive sour beer which is a practice that hearkens back to ancient brewing styles. If this is your brew of choice, a red or white Burgundy can be a perfect translation. Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs that hail from this part of France give similar flavour profiles. It gives rich and complex flavours that are not particularly heavy in alcohol which is a perfect pair for grilled salmon, beef tenderloin, or chicken breasts.

With so many possibilities out there, you have to open up your palate to new tastes and concoctions and treat yourself to the plethora of experiences offered by beer craftsmanship and decades-old wine-making.

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