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Whether if it involves downing a can of beer, vodka, wine or liquor, drinking is a social activity loved by many. However, as much as it is enjoyable it is still true that too much of a good thing may not end well. So have your drink but always remember to be responsible about it.

Here are tips on how to have a swell of a time without undermining your safety.

Never skip on food

When you are anticipating a night of cocktails it is important that you come prepared. I’m not just talking about cash or a designated driver, but preparing your body for all the alcohol you are about to have.

When you are planning to have more than one drink, be sure that you have eaten. Alcohol absorption is increased with an empty stomach, causing you to be tipsy even before the real fun starts. A beer or two may already make your head spin when you don’t eat, since about 20% of the alcohol that goes into your are absorbed immediately.

Eat while you drink

Even while you enjoy sipping that wine or glass of Mojito, it is particularly good to also nibble on high protein foods. Some cheese or pigs on a blanket can help stave off the alcohol from taking over your circulatory system.

Once it enters your bloodstream alcohol easily travels into every part of your body. In this process, the alcohol dull parts of your brain affecting your actions and your ability to make decisions or stay in control. So balance this out with some food to avoid going over your limit.

Sip your drink

Unless you signed up for a beer drinking contest then there’s no need to be chugging down that alcohol like a sailor. Instead of downing that drink like there’s no tomorrow, sip it instead and avoid missing out on the pleasure of drinking, which is to smell and taste the layers of flavours. This is particularly true for wine as it is best enjoyed when you allow it to linger in your mouth.

Focus on quality over quantity

Try learning the names of fine wines, beers or whiskeys and go for these instead of the usual. Cultivate your taste in a good alcoholic beverage, instead of just getting plain drunk. It is more exciting to learn which drink goes best with certain foods, and create a more fun and satiating experience.

Get some rest

Have you ever heard of the phrase “sleep drunk“? The symptoms found in exhaustion can manifest in a similar manner to drunkenness, and when you add alcohol to the equation it amplifies the effect.

When you go drinking tired, one drink can already hit you like you’ve had three. So if you think that you’re going to go big over the weekend, make sure that you get adequate sleep during the weekdays.

Choose your drinks wisely

ABV, or alcohol by volume, may be the key factor that will get you drunk but there are also other factors as well. So if you want to enjoy your night better without passing out, you need to choose the right kinds of alcohol.

Red wines and dark spirits like whisky contain more congeners (chemicals that give you headaches which adds to your sense of inhibition within an hour or two) than clear ones. Sugary drinks should would be best avoided since these spike up your blood sugar levels which then leads you to crash and experience headaches or tiredness long before the party is even over.

Since we all react differently to alcohol based on certain individual factors,  you might want to do some “spot-testing” before game-day.

Liquor is best enjoyed neat

Straight liquor is healthiest when it is served neat, this means sipping it as is, or on the rocks. Although this usually comes as a double shot, the point is to drink it moderately.

Drinking liquor this way also keeps you off caloric mixers like pineapple juice or ginger ale. These may amp up the taste, but one serving of pineapple juice would render an added 133 calories and 32 grams of carbs, while ginger ale would give you around 124 calories and 32 grams of carbs.

Alternate your drinks

A good way to enjoy both the night and your drinks is to alternate your fluids. This is one technique to slow down your drinking rate and stay within safe drinking limits. So if you are having a bottle of wine along with your dinner, have a glass of water to go with it and drink both alternately. Or you could alternate your plain coke with you rum and coke.

The point here is to keep your drinking rate slow because if you chug your alcohol down all at once, it can sneak up in your blood more quickly.

So if your social calendar is booze-soaked to the rim, then you might want to strategize your drinking to ensure that you enjoy your time, and still keep a happy liver. Change that mindset of simply getting drunk but rather soak in the experience of having a good drink.

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