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Any drink that involves alcohol can be already fun in itself, but wouldn’t it be more exciting if you can add more spin into it? Here are some inventive ways to enjoy your alcohol even in the most unlikely hours!

1. Drunk Lollies

The name says it all! If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and have your share of alcohol then these intoxicated version of lollipops could make your day. You can have your vodka, wine, tequila or rum and turn them into candied versions.

This would be a great way to transform any leftover wines (if that is even possible), or have something new to give your friends during parties. Make your love for liquor much sweeter with this Tequila and rum recipe, or try this vodka lollipop tutorial, and if you want to see another side of your favourite red vino, try this red wine lollipop recipe.

2. Salted Caramel Vodka Hot Chocolate

If you want to cozy up with your favourite booze, this recipe will surely make rainy days a whole lot interesting! It’s one sin after another as it languishes in your palate with that rich and intoxicating taste. This recipe calls for flavoured vodka, which elevates a typical salted caramel hot chocolate recipe. Find the recipe here.

3. Ice Pops

Take your typical ice pops and spike it up with your choice of alcoholic beverage, perfect for a refreshing treat in this hot Singapore weather. This is like cocktails and dessert frozen into a party for the palate! Here are 23 boozy popsicle recipes that are doable and fun. However, alcoholic popsicles may not be as simple as just throwing in some booze into an ice pop mold and stick it into the freezer. Thanks to ethanol’s low freezing point it may take a few extra time and effort, but don’t let that hold you back to this “fabulousness,” and simply pay attention to the ABV.

To avoid having your ice pops simply slushing out when you remove it from the mold, it is important to go for an overall ABV of 8%. There are certain beers that fall under that, so you can readily freeze those as is, but you need to take a few more steps for the stronger stuff. You can find a quick and easy guide on how to compute for the right proportions when it comes to your liquor and spirits.

4. Jello Shots

If you are fond of jello shots, then you would know that you can whip up any flavour and amp it up either with your favourite brand of vodka, beer, wine or any cocktail you wish to transform into this colloidal masterpiece!

The talk of gelatinous wines and champagnes have already been around  as early as the 1800s. However, it now went under several variations of creativity. Here are different jello shots that can suite any occasion. With all these fun just be sure that you don’t get too much because the alcohol might overwhelm you without you knowing it. The strength of the alcohol base is often artfully concealed with the mixture of gelatine that many, particularly the ladies, are tempted to indulge so plentifully.

5. Beeramisu


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This is for all you beer people out there, and those who are a sucker for sweets. There are countless variations of tiramisu around the world, but none could be more sinfully delicious as adding your favourite beer into the mix. This recipe calls for bathing the ladyfingers in your beer of choice. This spin-off on a classic Italian favourite would make for a great choice for any occasion. Try to whip one for your next party with this recipe.

6. Wine Slushies

These slushies turns your wine into a more fun and summery treat. Wine slushies or sorbet frosty, whatever you wish to call them are definitely a must-try. First, you have to decide whether the day calls for a Moscato, a dark red, or even a bottle of bubbly – hey whatever floats your boat! Freeze them over and simply scrape them off gently to create that snowy feel. You may also freeze them into cubes and run them through a blender until you reach the right consistency.

Some prefer to add in some fruits or use other alcoholic beverages such as vodka or gin. This makes for a great party idea that is super refreshing, festive, and crowd-pleasing! You may even make a virgin drink for the kids using sparkling white grape juice.

7. Drunken Cupcakes

Take these innocent confections and give it more character with a dash of alcohol and viola! Indulge and get boozed up with drunken cupcakes. They could be infused with your favourite booze or cocktail, so its your cupcakes with a twist! You get to use unlikely ingredients like your Jack Daniels, your choice of rum or vodka. Get baking with these recipes.

8. Vodka Watermelon

What is so unique about the watermelon is that it is able to retain any liquid that you add to it. So when you pierce a whole and stick a bottle of any beverage into it, this fruit just absorbs it. So to add a dose of fun into each refreshing bite, we add a bottle vodka.

So all you need is a big rip watermelon and your favorite brand of vodka. Take your watermelon and mark the area where you need to cut a hole into. Once it is done, you take your opened bottle of vodka and then just stick it into the holes. Let it sit in the fridge for about a day or maybe three, just to let the good juices really seep into the fruit. Once you make the first bite, it’s a summer party all up in your mouth – and you can have a slice any time of the day you like!

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