Unique Wine Gifts for Men and Women

If you are among those who are still at a loss on what to give your parents, your boss, or a friend inviting you for a holiday dinner, then why not consider a bottle of wine?

Choosing wines may seem rather daunting especially when you don’t know where to start. I feel you on this because between the brands, the types and your receiver’s preference, you can find yourself at a loss. But let me tell you that there are ways around it. You don’t have to be a connoisseur or a somelier to be giving a good bottle.

If you are not sure of what to do, you have found the right place to sort through all the confusion.

1. Know your budget

The first thing to consider would be how much you would be willing to spend on a bottle of wine. As the giver, you are in control of the numbers, but you also have to keep your spending reasonable. You must learn to adapt to your budget, even with the dire need to impress. Remember that the most expensive wines aren’t really the best wines around. So if you are in a shoestring budget this season, take heart that good quality wines are not always expensive.

You might want to look into wines that come from less popular regions such as Spain, which are also known to be of excellent quality. Take note that a good wine doesn’t necessarily have to be vintage to be good, a lot of excellent wines today are better enjoyed young. Just remember to set yourself a reasonable limit on how much you’ll spend, especially if you have a couple of friends in mind. You can already find respectable wines anywhere between $19-$25.

2. Know your receiver’s preference

If you know that particular person well enough, then this might be pretty easy. But when you are not sure about what their drinking palate prefers, it’s always safe to call. This is actually proper etiquette, and it also ensures that you are giving them what they actually like. Wine experts would tell you that one easy way to buy wine for a person would be to base it on their personality. According to Natalie Mclean, a somelier and editor of Canada’s largest wine review site, shared in an interview that for someone with a lot of personality, a good wine for them would be Reif Estate Empress Chardonnay. She explains that this lovely wine is a crisp and refreshing and it is also very affordable.

3. Give according to occasion

Since it is a holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of bubbly for that holiday toast. If you plan to give it for a birthday or as a thank you present, a bottle of red is always a safe choice.

4. Special presentations

If you want your wine gift to be different and memorable, a good option would be boxed wines. Wineries often release it on the market during the Christmas season. The way they are packaged shows that they are meant to be given. And the best part about this is that boxed wines also tend to last longer because they don’t get exposed to air.

5. Find out what’s on the menu

If you are planning to bring a bottle of wine to dinner with friends or family, it is safe to call in first and know what is being served. In that way, you can pair your bottle accordingly. Choosing the right wine will serve as a good complement to a meal.

6. Impress with size

Another way to make your wine gift more interesting would be give a magnum bottle. More than the average 750 ml, magnum bottles have the capacity of a liter and a half. Most wines packaged in magnum bottles are often those that are of quality, so you have a lot of good brands to your choosing. Magnum bottles are also perfect when buying wine for a larger dinner party.

7. Avoid gift baskets

Even though you mean well, but gift baskets simply come off as impersonal, especially when your bottle of wine comes with cheeses, crackers and whatever knick knacks. If you really want your receiver to feel special, remember that a little can go a long way. A bottle of wine with a block of Parmigiano-Reggiano perhaps, or a box of dark chocolates can certainly put a good spin on it. If you really want to get creative and add your very own personal touch, Pinterest offers a hodgepodge of gift wrapping ideas.

8. Check out vintages

For wine lovers, a good way to go would be to look into good vintage wines from different wine countries. This may often come at a price, but these are certainly ones they will appreciate for sure.

9. Research

Whether you are giving to a friend who has a penchant for wines, or to those who prefer to drink it on occasion, doing your homework can really go a long for you. Wine tastings are the most perfect avenue for you to taste wines yourself. Wine stores actually hold these events, and I suggest that you make use of them for you to widen your knowledge and to train your palate on different wine tastes. Some experts suggest that for you to learn and remember the wines you have tasted, you can take notes about them. You can also ask bartenders, a wine store staff or someliers. In this way, you can determine which wines would suit well as presents or those that you bring to a dinner party.

I hope this sets things straight for you. Wine is a very good choice for a gift no matter what occasion. But it is even better when you know that you have made the right choices.

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