Elysium Black Muscat Dessert Wine 350ML, $32

As love is in the air, The Standish, a wine shop in Singapore, prepares for Valentine’s Day with special wine recommendation.



Origin: California, United States
Wine Type: Red Wine
Grape Varietal: Black Muscat
Size: 350ML
Price: $32

For a  perfect Valentine’s Day gift, try our vintage Standish’ red wine and a box of chocolate. Our Elysium Black Muscat and dark chocolate is a perfect combo for a Valentine surprise. If you like it on lighter side, try it poured over ice cream for the ultimate after-dinner treat!

Elysium Black Muscat gives off floral notes of violets, honeysuckle, rose petals, and a hint of  black tea. On the palate, this wine boasts intense flavors of rich and velvety fruits, mainly reminiscent of raspberries.

A perfect example of a rich taste and fortified medium-bodied wine. This means that a small of amount of spirit, such as brandy, was added to halt the fermentation process where the yeast turns sugar into alcohol. The brandy will then destroy the yeast content creating residual sugar. This is what makes the wine sweet and a bit higher in alcohol content.

Elysium is best enjoyed either as an accompany to dessert or to serve as a “replacement” as many would say. This is also one of those wines that can perfectly compliment a chocolate pudding, or add more heavenly decadence poured over ice cream.

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