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Vodka is known as the king of all alcohol spirits being one of the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. Aside from being an excellent drink in and of itself, it also mixes well with cocktails. Being that it’s a versatile drink it can also be used in several ways that doesn’t involve drinking. Here are 20 vodka hacks that we all need, and also another good excuse to always have a bottle in hand.

1. Spruce Up Your Hair

Who knew that vodka could be a good beauty secret? You just have to add a splash into your shampoo of choice and mix it properly. What it does is it prevents product buildup and excess oil. This makes your locks more shiny and luscious. On the one hand, it can also be a very effective in alleviating dandruff and scalp itchiness thanks to its antibacterial properties. However, do keep everything in moderation because when you use too much, or if you fail to mix it well in order to dilute it, your hair could end up dry and brittle.

2. Vodka Astringent

Mix equal parts of vodka and water into and use it as an astringent which is actually effective in cleansing the skin, and it even tightens your pores!

3. Jewelry Polish

To breath new life into your old silver jewelry, the easiest alternative than to bring it to the cleaners is vodka. Get a shot for yourself and another for your favorite Tiffany necklace. All you need to do is soak it for 10-15 minutes and voila! This trick also works beautifully with hard stones like diamonds to give it more sparkle.

4. Window and Kitchen Cleaner

Vodka is a surprising cleanser that is actually able to deliver good results. You can use it on your kitchen windows to keep those clean and sparkly. You can even use it over your tile counters to effectively  clean it while removing bacteria buildup at the same time. And if you think you’ve got more space to cover, a shot won’t hurt to keep the task fun and bearable.

5. Mattress Cleanser

Aside from giving that good ole mattress a good whacking, you can also keep it clean using a vodka. This is the only liquor that can also double as a mattress refresher, just hold the tonic and lime for now.  The alcohol will help get rid of the odor-causing bacteria and disinfects the mattress. Just pour your vodka into a spray bottle and spritz it all over the mattress. The key here is to keep it light and not soak the surface or else it might take long to dry. Leave it to air dry before remaking the bed. Unlike other sprays that only masks the smell, vodka does the double job of actually getting rid of the nasty stuff.

6. Bug Spray

If you don’t want the health risk associated with traditional insect sprays, you can use vodka as a substitute. You just have to put it in a spray bottle and spray those little buggers drunk! It may sound funny, but it works.

7. Mold Buster

Spray some vodka onto mold and mildew and let it sit for 15 minutes, then scrub with a toothbrush. It makes for an effective cleaning agent without the harshness of your typical cleaning solutions.

8. Keeps Stinky Feet at Bay

If you’re struggling with that embarrassing foot odor, you can find an unlikely solution with vodka foot soaks. The alcohol in the spirit is actually strong enough to kill the bacteria that has been causing the smell. If you don’t have the time to linger for a soak, rubbing them down with vodka can also help.

9. Control Hair Loss

For clarification, this does not meal male pattern baldness, this solution is useful when you are dealing with occasional excessive hair fall. Simply mix a tablespoon of onion juice and organic honey, then mix it with a jigger of vodka. Apply it all over your hair and leave it overnight before rinsing it off in the morning.  Vodka removes the toxins from the hair and correct its pH level eventually stimulating healthy hair growth.

10. Frizz Free Hair

If you’re constantly on the brink of a bad hair day thanks to roughed up cuticles, simply add a shot of vodka to you deep conditioner. As mentioned earlier, this lowers the hair’s pH level which can help close or seal the cuticles. As a result, it reduces the frizz while giving it good shine.

11. Get a Smooth Shave

Razor care will save you a lot of problems while shaving, and the secret to doing so is to have well-maintained razors. Vodka can clean a razor and keep it rust-free and sharper for much longer. It will also act as a good disinfectant as opposed to just rinsing your razors off with water. All you have to do is to soak your blade in a cup of vodka after every shave. With a clean razor also comes a smoother shave!

12. Fresh Breath

Swish a shot of vodka in your mouth and transform your breath from bad to pleasant in under a minute!

13. Keep Your Blooms for Longer

If you want to keep your blooms for much longer, add a dash of vodka into the water in your vase. Your flowers will look fresh for much longer as long as you regularly change the solution every few days.

14. Dry Cleaning on a Budget

If you don’t have the time or the budget for some dry cleaning you can turn to vodka for this purpose. All you have to do is to combine one part vodka with one part water, preferably distilled, and spritz it on your clothes. Pay more attention over areas that tend to smell more. As the vodka evaporates, it carries the odors away with it, and the best part is that your clothes won’t be left smelling like alcohol.

15. Eyewear Care

Take your sunglasses or other specs and rub vodka over the glasses to keep it streak-free, just make sure that you use a soft cloth to buff the surface. This might not work, however, on coated lenses that particularly warn against any application of alcohol-based products.

16. DIY Reusable Ice Pack

When you mix equal parts water and vodka into a resealable plastic and hide it in the freezer, you’ll have a yourself a malleable ice pack ready anytime. The presence of vodka prevents the mixture from freezing over. This texture makes it perfect for bumps and bruises over joints or bony prominences.

17. Better Adhesive Remover

If you have problems removing sticky bandages, band aids or sticker residue get some vodka to handle the problem. It effectively gets rid of leftover adhesive by simply pouring some vodka over the sticky area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. This will gently remove whatever residue that is left behind.

18. Poison Ivy Treatment

A poison ivy rash can be relieved by using a bit of vodka. It effectively busts the urushiol oil that is the culprit behind the problem.

19. Cold Sore Be Gone

A dab of vodka is enough to dry out cold sores. Even Dr. Oz featured how vodka is able to ease cold sores. Whether if it  is bottom shelf or top shelf, this drink simply works wonders in beating the problem. Mix 1/8 ounce of vodka with a few drops of peppermint. The latter is what promotes the soothing action upon application. Use it five times a day for 4 days to heal that nasty sore.

20. Glass Cleaner

Hosting a cocktail party soon? Prep your glasses by taking a piece of clean cloth, dab it into some vodka and then wipe your glasses with it. It will help disinfect your glasses and it even adds more sparkle to it.

More than an impeccable drink that can satisfy your libations, it can have a multitude of uses as well. So get your own bottle today. Check out our list of brands and a host of other options, or you can personally come to The Standish store to check out our wide selection.

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