If you love your vino just as the next person, why don’t you take it a step further by learning how to enjoy it more?

Here are 15 wine hacks to make your wine drinking experience better!

1. Place leftover wine in ice cube trays.


So you still have some leftover wines after your party, extend their use by putting these in ice cube trays. You can use it when cooking meats, soups, or when whipping up sauces like marinara from scratch.

2. Spruce up your pasta sauce with a splash of wine.


Another appetizing way to make use of your leftover wine is to add it to your pasta sauce. This adds more depth and flavour while giving your sauces that needed kick. You can follow some excellent recipes here.

3. Add some salt to chill a bottle of wine quickly.


You can chill a bottle of wine in just five minutes by adding two handfuls of salt into a bucket of icy water. You’ll be surprised at how it can hasten things for you, especially when you fall short on time while throwing a party.

4. Frozen grapes to cool your wine


It’s sacrilege to put ice cubes in wine! Ok, maybe that was an overstatement, but who wants a watered down wine? An ingenious way to chill wine while maintaining its strong flavour is to freeze grapes and toss it into your wine-filled glass.

5. Put that cork back.


Do you know the number one culprit that makes your wine turn bad easily? That would be the presence of air. Now the secret to making wines last longer is to re-cork it after you pour it on each glass. This will also make any leftover wine last for 3-5 days more in the fridge.

6. Wet paper towels for freezing.


Are you short on time and you need a bottle of chilled wine ASAP? You can chill a bottle by wrapping it in a wet paper towel and place it in your freezer for 15 minutes. You may also use a linen towel instead of linens. Evaporation is what causes the wine to chill faster.

7. Filter wines using a coffee filter.


Some manufacturers don’t filter their wines from certain particles because they say that this can add to the taste. Or sometimes struggling with the cork can cause it to crumble into the liquid. You can free your wine from all wine pieces by pouring it through a coffee filter.

8. Effectively get rid of that stain with these proven secrets


When your red wine ends up touching the wrong places, there are actually easy ways to get rid of its stain. The domestic goddess, Martha Stewart, shares that should your wine soil your delicate fabrics you can use denatured alcohol to soak the spot. Then you flush it with white vinegar to ultimately remove any stains left. Some also use hydrogen peroxide, and this can take the stains right off. However, it is only advisable to use it on light fabrics because this can cause some bleaching action.

Even white wine can do the trick. Just sprinkle some salt and then follow it with white wine. Table salt alone can also zap the stains like magic. Just make sure that you sprinkle it right after the wine was spilled. This allows the salt to absorb the stain, and after you let that sit for a few minutes you can just brush it right off the fabric.

If the stain is on your carpet, you can use a sponge to blot it right off. Avoid wiping it as this can spread the wine, resulting in a much wider stain.

9. How to safely pack your wine when travelling.


Do you plan on bringing a bottle of wine for your dad on father’s day? If you have to drive miles, you can safely pack it by putting your bottle in the middle of an inflatable floatie (the kind you put on your kid’s arms for swimming), or wrap it inside a thermal sock. You can pack it inside your suitcase and you can be assured that it will be safe and secure even with all the bumps along the way.

10. Whip up some dessert!


Another reason which proves that wine is a versatile drink is that you can use it in making desserts. If you have leftover reds, you can use it to create a refreshing blueberry red wine sorbet! You can even make wine ice cream, or top your vanilla ice cream with apricots poached in orange Muscat. It’s amazing how many desserts can be infused with wine, from panna cottas, trifles, cakes, and even jellies! You can find more wine recipes to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your penchant for wine here.

11. Wine storage musts for leftovers


It is best to store leftover wines on their sides than having them upright as this prevents oxidation. Also make sure that it is placed in a location that doesn’t move easily because constant vibrations can also mess up the taste. You should also protect your wines from direct sunlight and avoid storing it above 70 degrees.

12. Let your cheap wine taste expensive


Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can still serve good wine even with the cheap stuff. All you need is a blender to do the trick. Take that $5 convenience store wine and run it in a blender at high speed for 30 seconds. This aerates the wine allowing the flavours to come out. Even adding slices of pineapple can also improve the taste of cheap wine because it adds a dash of sweetness.

13. No corkscrew? No problem!


How many times did you catch yourself with a bottle of wine without anything to remove the cork with? There’s no need to stress over this because you can use your keys to take it right off! Simply push a key into the cork at roughly a 45 degree angle. You then twist, pull and voila!

You can also gently drive a nail into the cork. Hammer it at a 45 degree angle and then pull the nail with pliers. You’ve got hook screws lying around the house? You can embed it into the cork as it makes an easy handle to remove the cork.

14. Smelling bad wine


You will know if your wine has gone bad if it smells like:

  • cardboard (cork taint)
  • vinegar (caused by acetic acid bacteria)
  • burnt rubber (caused by undesirable sulfur compounds)
  • cooked cabbage (sulfur compounds)
  • wet dog (cork taint)
  • band-aids (caused by a yeast called brettanomyces, a sign of poor hygiene in the winery)

15. Inspecting bad wine


You can also check if the wine has gone bad by looking at the color and overall appearance. Check to see if it has turned more brown or darker than usual. The presence of bubbles in non-sparkling wines is also a red flag that you already need to toss that out.

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