Whisky is a drink that definitely has character, which is a revelation to the craftsmanship behind the brand.

Even Mark Twain expressed his delight for this drink by saying, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.”

If you are still finding your place with whisky, here are some of the many reasons why people remain to fall in love with this drink.

1. Throngs of flavours to choose from

You might find yourself in wide-eyed amazement when you learn that there are over 5,000 types of single-malt whisky. There are a lot of brands and craftsmanship to surprise your palate with.

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2. A good investment

It is a common perception that wine gets better with age. But, this isn’t entirely true because most wines actually have to be drank young. This is not the case with whiske because this drink can last almost forever. A closed bottle of whisky can even be good for 100 years. It makes for a good investment, especially if you bank on those particularly good brands. In a couple of years, you’ll find their value to soar.

3. It holds up to below-freezing temperature

Whisky is a drink that can withstand extremely low temperatures. This was proven when a crate that contained 100-year-old whiskys was discovered in the freezing Antarctica with the bottles and liquor all in excellent condition.

4. Makes for an interesting bar

Whiskys come in interesting bottles of different designs, shapes, colors and sizes. This creates for a good-looking bar even with just a few bottles lined up.

5. Excellent leisurely sip

Whisky is not really for chugging, but rather, it is meant to be enjoyed in sips on the rocks, mixed or just neat. The beauty of drinking whisky is in enjoying the varying flavour profiles.

6. Whisky has no fat

For those who are weight watching, a shot of whisky has zero fat. This means that this can be a good choice of drink for those who are striving for a healthy low-fat diet, but still has some alcohol cravings. It just might be a good substitute for wine every once in a while.

7. Low carbohydrates

A standard shot of whisky only has 0.04g of carbohydrates that comes in the form of sugar. As soon as it enters your digestive system, it immediately gets transformed into energy.

8. Reduces the risk of dementia in adults

Whisky is said to be able to lower your risk of dementia by drinking 1-6 glasses a day. According to a study that was published in 2003, a controlled consumption of whisky can lower the incidence of dementia among older adults.

9. Doesn’t cause sugar levels to peak

With low carbohydrates, you also avoid any chances of easily increasing your blood sugar levels. Immediately after it enters your body, the small amount of carbohydrates or calories is immediately broken down, eliminating the chances of blood sugar piling up. But you still have to keep things in moderation if you still want to enjoy it within safe levels. According to medical research, the results from 15 different prospective studies found out that moderate drinkers have lesser chances of developing type 2 diabetes than those who abstain from it.

10. Lowers risk for cancer

According to a certain Dr. Jim Swan, whisky has a certain antioxidant called ellagic acid, which reduces the risk of developing cancer. This acid fights the compounds that stimulates the rapid cell replaction of cancer cells. Compared to wine, there is a larger concentration of ellagic acid in whisky than that in wine.

11. Lowers the chances of stroke

Studies showed that a daily consumption of whisky, or a drink a day, can protect you against an ischemic stroke. Still keeping in mind that you need to drink it in moderation because too much can also increase your risk of stroke.

12. Reduces the risk of developing heart disease

Although it is not some sort of supplement for heart health, but if you do love your whisky, a shot a day can help protect you against heart disease. It may even help increase the body’s level of antioxidants. According to the study published in 1998, drinking an equivalent of three or four pub measures can help the body fight against heart conditions.

13. Loosens you up

When absorbed by the stomach and small intestine, alcohol stimulates feelings of relaxation. It activates that part of your brain that induces pleasure-seeking behaviour. But here is where you should also learn to draw the line. Even though they say that you can never have too much whisky, but there is a fine line between it being enjoyable and being dangerous too. But with the right amount, it certainly makes a good way to unwind and loosen up after a long day.

14. Enjoyable drink

Let’s just cut right to the chase here. Whisky is downright a drink to be had on good occasions, between conversations or even when enjoying time alone. It rewards the palate with a revelation of flavours that will suite every preference.

15. A lot of affordable brands with excellent taste

What is also good about whisky is that you can find a lot of exquisitely tasting brands at a very affordable price. In fact, a lot of the top 20 best selling brands out there are even below the $10 mark, and you already get a good run for your money with that as far as taste goes.

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